Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) can provide a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions including designs and implementation of energy savings and energy efficiency projects, power and heat generation and energy supply. ESCOs can offer own financing or structure third-party financing.  ESCOs are often paid for their services from potential energy savings, but other service arrangements also possible.

Below are links to ESCOs in Russia:

List ESCOs

Organisation Name Website Address Organisation Location
Cesko-ООО «Центральная энергосервисная компания» Moscow, Russia
EnergoKonsalt - ООО "ЭнергоКонсалт" Saint-Petersburg
Energy Service Company –ООО «Энергосервисная Компания» Ivanovo, Russia
ESCO - ЗАО "Энерго-Сервисная Компания" Moscow, Russia
ESCO 3e-ЗАО "Энергосервисная компания 3Э" Moscow, Russia
JSC "Sverdlovsk Energy Service Company"-ОАО «Свердловская энергосервисная компания» Yekaterinburg, Russia