Equity Funds

Equity financing is provided by international, bilateral and local equity funds, capital corporations, venture capital funds and other entities in exchange for shares in companies owning these projects. Equity investors can leverage equity with debt financing by cooperating with IFIs (for medium and big projects) and commercial banks (for medium and small projects).

Below are links to selected equity investors considering investments in Russia are presented below:

List Equity Funds

Organisation Name Website Address Organisation Location
IR "Technoprom"- ИК «Технопром» www.ic-technoprom.ru/ru Moscow, Russia
JSFC Sistema - АФК «Система» www.sistema.ru Moscow, Russia
Leader Innovations- Лидер инноваций www.leader-innovations.ru Moscow, Russia
Management Company- Infrastructure Investment-«Управляющая компания «Инфраструктурные инвестиции» www.infra-invest.ru Moscow, Russia
Nicor- НИКОР Национальная Инновационная Компания www.nicor.ru Moscow, Russia
RUSNANO- РОСНАНО www.rusnano.com Moscow, Russia
Sberbank Capital – Сбербанк Капитал www.sbrf-capital.ru/realizuemye_proekty/energeticheskie_proekty/ Moscow, Russia
Venture fund VPK- Венчурный фонд ВПК www.vpkf.ru/en/ Yekaterinburg, Russia